December 5, 2023

Germany’s Commissioner of the Federal Government for Drug and Addiction, Drogenbeauftragte, has released a new report revealing concerning statistics about the impact of gambling in Germany. The report, titled ‘Glücksspielatlas Deutschland 2023 (Gambling Atlas of Germany 2023)’, presents data from experts at the Institute for Interdisciplinary Addiction and Drug Research (ISD Hamburg) and the Gambling Research Unit at the University of Bremen, in collaboration with the German Center for Addiction Issues (DHS).

One of the key findings from the report is that 1 in 13 German gamblers develop health, financial, or social problems due to their gambling habits. The report also highlighted the prevalence of gambling disorders in the country, with 2.3% of the adult population (approximately 1.3 million people) classified as having a gambling disorder. Additionally, 5.7% of adults, totaling 3.25 million people, exhibited initial signs of problem gambling.

The report also provided insights into gambling activity and spending in Germany. It revealed that while 30% of German adults participated in gambling in 2021, the percentage had decreased from 55% in 2007. The total amount wagered in 2022 was €44.1 billion, with €5.2 billion collected in taxes and €13.4 billion in legal gross gaming revenue in the same year. Illegal gambling accounted for 7% of all losses.

One alarming trend highlighted in the report is the sharp increase in demand for outpatient help from online gamblers over the past five years. This indicates a growing need for support and intervention for individuals struggling with online gambling addiction.

Burkhard Blienert, Federal Government Commissioner for Addiction and Drug Issues, expressed concern over the findings of the report. As an industry analyst with extensive experience in the gambling sector, Blienert emphasized the need for proactive measures to address the prevalence of gambling disorders and the associated societal and economic impacts.

The release of the ‘Glücksspielatlas Deutschland 2023’ report serves as a crucial wake-up call for policymakers, public health officials, and industry stakeholders to address the challenges posed by gambling-related harm in Germany. The data presented in the report underscores the importance of implementing effective measures to prevent and mitigate the adverse effects of gambling on individuals and society as a whole.