December 5, 2023

Australian casino operator Star Entertainment has recently announced that they have reached a final agreement with the New South Wales government regarding new duty rates on casino gaming. This announcement comes after the agreement was initially proposed in August of 2023, with the new rates being significantly lower than the originally proposed 60% rate by the previous state government.

Under the new agreement, several changes to the duty rates will take effect starting from July 1, 2023. Rebate Play will see an increase from 10.0% to 12.5%, while Table Games (Non-Rebate Play) will increase from 17.91% to 20.25%. The duty rates for Poker Machines (Non-Rebate Play) will remain the same until June 30, 2030, where they will then transition to a rising scale of 20.91% (excluding GST) from July 1, 2030, increasing to 21.91% in 2024, and reaching 22.91% in 2027.

In response to the formal agreement, The Star’s Group CEO and Managing Director, Robbie Cooke, expressed approval of the new rates. Additionally, the company revealed that they are collaborating with the state government on the implementation of a carded play trial in preparation for the introduction of carded play from August 2024. The carded play program is part of the government’s efforts to mitigate the harms of problem gambling.

Australia has seen high gambling losses per person, as demonstrated in the latest Global Gambling Statistics. On average, each gambler incurs approximately AU$1870 ($1200/€1118) in losses annually, reflecting the significant impact of gambling in the country.

Ciaran McEneaney, a gambling industry analyst with extensive experience, provided insights into the developments made by Star Entertainment and the implications of the new duty rates. As a prominent figure in the sports-betting, gambling, poker, and casino industry, his expertise offers valuable perspectives on the latest advancements in the sector.